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Zaraki was first used on the roblox forums in 7/27/09 when he posted a thread about spongebob's genitalia game. where he stated

title: "Lol @ place image"

body: "Spongebob dont show that!"


During February 2013 Zaraki posted thread

title: "Joining groups"

body: "Re-discovered this account, will be using it. Preferably strict and such. My ID = 523523, neat, eh?" He was (obviously) looking for clans to join as this account was probably completely empty.

Identity revealed![]

On april 2nd 2013, user "nicknack2143" posted thread "Streety = Zaraki"

body: "Zaraki is his new main".

Only 5 days later Incohatus, Albert's on and off friend at the time posted "Streety is Zaraki"

body: "Have fun. Zaraki is his new main, Streety the one who spied on TGI, from VAK."