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ZOMBlocko is an account Albert used in the video, I made a Roblox "WALK TO THE END FOR ADMIN" game... but messed them up at the end, where he had ZOMBlocko make a walk to the end for obby troll game.


In the middle of 2010 ZOMBlocko was created, presumably by Albert, who left the account alone and abandoned.

Later, in 2020, Albert would go back to ZOMBlocko use him to make a game called  Walk to the end for ADMIN AND MORE.... Albert puts 15,000 robux which he put in ZOMBlocko's account worth in advertisments for the game and made it so only mobile users could see the game. Albert would then have ZOMBlocko give admin commands to INFECTEDskating, another alternate account Albert had. Albert would then briefly use ZOMBlocko's account to show the viewers what his plan of the game was.

Throughout the rest of the video Albert uses INFECTEDskating to watch players play the game and sabotage them.