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ZNac is one of Albert's friends who has helped him edit some of Albert's videos.


ZNac is one of three known editors on the Flamingo channel who has edited a few of Albert's videos on the Flamingo channel. He also has a YouTube channel most well-known for the video "OOFING IN REAL LIFE" where he dresses up as a noob and walks around at a convention. Most of his content are Build a Boat for treasure videos on Roblox. He and Flamingo are both different youtubers that make different content. Recently, ZNac has featured Albert in one of his more recent videos called FLAMINGO GAVE ME ADMIN COMMANDS... (baaad idea) where he uses admin in Island Life. As of November 2, 2020, ZNac has over 550k subscribers.


  • Outside of his YouTube career, he is a musician that makes music.
  • Himself, Russo, and Jake are all part of the Roblox Video Star Program.