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ZERO is an antagonist in 0CROWNED's Sad Story series.


ZERO is an antagonist who debuts in the 3rd story of 0CROWNED'S version of a sad story. In Roblox sad cheating story (he cried on video), Albert plays 0CROWNED's new story game at the time. CREEPY talks with TraT uS about how he is not really a good sidekick and he transforms him into a mutant creature known as "ZERO." Eventually, Su tart and Su tart dad rent a hotel room, but while they were watching TV, ZERO climbs out of it and chases them to give them a creep virus. He eventually gives Mr. Handsome (the receptionist) a bug creep virus. ZERO eventually catches up with the pair and tries to infect Su tart, but his ray is deflected with a mirror and ZERO turns back into TraT uS.