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"Now you are truly my prisoner!"

-Albert after trapping Yuan under his helicopter.

Yuan061513m, better known as "the Coca Cola Noob" is the main antagonist of "Flamingo goes to Roblox prison".


Yuan was a sadistic, brutal police officer in Prison Life who would stop at nothing to arrest or kill Flamingo during his escape from the prison. He is seen wielding a gun and hammer in certain moments of the video while hunting Albert down, further signifying his surprising brutality as a mere noob.


Yuan wore the default smiling face matching with a black hat with writing on it. He also wore black trousers, matching his hat. His most striking feature was his Coca Cola T- shirt, which gave him his infamous nickname of the "Coca-Cola Noob", although the logo is put over a default shirt.


In a video where Albert is revisiting an old Roblox game, prison life, Yuan is first seen chasing albert down through the halls of the prison wielding a hammer, just over the halfway point of the video. Albert manages to escape through a Vent in the wall and he gets into a helicopter. Yuan and another police officer desperately tries to shoot at the airborne vehicle, but they fail to shoot it down. Yuan jumped off of the roof offscreen, but couldn't get back up, trying to jump. After a cop sets Albert's helicopter on fire, albert discovers that Yuan has his own heli and is hunting him down with it. Albert steals Yuan's heli and flies away with it. Yuan destroys the 'copter and accidentally kills himself, while Albert mocks him for it. Later on, albert steals another 'copter and finds the evil police officer had already beat him there in the vehicle. Albert and him engage in a fight, Albert starts to lose the upper hand, and jumps out the heli to escape. Albert gets his own and proceeds to crush the coca cola noob to death with it, ending his horrifying hunt.


.Yuan seems to be one of the only villains ho has a nickname given by his appearance.

.He is one of the only villains who also repeatedly tries to chase him down through the latter section of the video.