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yourmother1919cvfhyj was a one time use account for Making ur mom a roblox account. Albert used her in At the end of the video featuring her, he put on the shirt “Old Lady” and told everyone to buy it. The account has not been used since then, and it is still wearing the “Old Lady” shirt. Albert wanted to buy the Sword cane but it was a limited item and he said "Let's pretend this isn't 300,000 robux for this little cane because we have trouble walking. Let's pretend that I bought that original 1.5K price," so instead he bought the hockey stick gear assuming it would work.


  • The account has many expensive items.
  • Albert made the account to make fun of people’s moms as a joke.
  • After buting the “Old Lady” shirt, Albert told his viewers to buy it. This helped Beauty Army (a trolling group that created the shirt) gain more members and sell many copies of the shirt.
  • The password to her account is complexpassword although due to the difficulty of getting in it might have been changed.