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"Young Diarrhea" is a song by Albert Aretz and obesebutimcute released on December 13th, 2016.


The song was first teased in the video RAP BATTLE in ROBLOX and was later released fully as part of the video through the AlbertsStuff channel.


The song is a disstrack to the youtuber Julius Cole who was making videos targeting Albert.



Okay, give me a beat

[Verse 1]

Got a new logo

But it looks like a Cheez-It

Kids cursing on your livestream

But you didn't see it

Got banned talking 'bout

Warts on my penis

Obese but I'm cute

Cause I'm built like Venus

Julius Cole writin' raps but he couldn't read it

Say he's just a troll and I shouldn't feed it

Nah his raps suck dick

I want him to see this

Yeah you're gettin' views

But I'm looking at those dislikes

Run up on me

I'ma show you what my dick tastes like


I really didn't mean that last one

I'm not gay

I think

[Verse 2]

Fighting your teddy bear

Then you broke your camera

Shortly after you woke up your nana

Now you're pissed off at roblox

Cause they banned ya

Making vids about me?

I think you're a fan of (me)


Haha, bitch!