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yabbadabbadooooooya is a minor character in Roblox trolling with the BIGGEST avatar possible…


yabbadabbadooooooya is a character who made its debut in Roblox trolling with the BIGGEST avatar possible... Albert jokes about her name, eventually saying her roblox account name into a catchphrase in several of his videos. Albert and Temprist try to troll her with large avatars, making yabbadabbadooooooya mad.


  • "🤣🤣🤣🤣"
  • "Get it loser!"
  • "Fatty"
  • "🤣🤣"
  • "Your a stupid dumb loser and you're not allowed in my house you idiot"
  • "Cuz your dun"

~yabbadabbadooooooya, after Albert and Temprist trolled her.


  • She's a manager (well used to be after in Work at a pizza place).
  • She got hit by a snowball by Albert and Temprist.
  • She accidentally driven her car into the ocean, caused by Albert's actions.
  • She became really mad because of Albert and Temprist's actions.
  • Albert stole her spot of becoming the manager.
  • She is a reference to Fred Flintstone, which is the character most known by his catchphrase "Yabbadabbadoooooo!"'.
  • A compilation of Albert saying "Yabbadabbadoo" can be seen here.


Yabbadabbadooooooya escaped!