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Xxxnoobking1986 was a user that appeared during a Video by Flamingo. The video is titled, this roblox noob kinda spittin some bars tho.


He appeared at the start of the video. He started talking about how bullying is bad and saying that all players are bullies in the server. Flamingo had then started commenting about him, and starts to talk to him. Noobking had bad grammar and spelling.



He hates bullies and gets sad when he gets bullied. When he figures out that someone is a bully, but said they hate bullies, he gets confused and starts getting more upset. He thinks that fortnite is better den roblox, which causes Albert and laylaherenman to start arguing with him. After layla tells him to leave Albert and her alone, he ignores and tells layla to sut up. This might mean that noobking is also a bully. If he wins arguements, he will tell the other person to think about what they did. He is also stupid, as he ran into a pole, and had many grammatical errors. When someone says something bad about Fortnite or Ninja, he goes into a rage and starts arguing with the person.


  • Shortly after the video went up, he discovered he was in a Popular Youtubers video, he then became a fan of flamingo.