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xxlovebearscutexx (Sometimes shortened to lovebearscute) was a roblox account that was hacked and compromised by scammers to make a fake Adopt Me! scam game.


Not a lot is known about her, other than she is likely gullible and falls for scams easily.


Before the termination of the account, Lovebearscute wore the Bear Face Mask, The Err.. face, Black hair, a pink ribbon, and pink clothing.

Hacking of the account

On an unknown date, she entered her password on a scam game and was subsequently hacked. she possibly had all of her robux stolen. after that, the hacker made the Adopt Me! scam game on the account.


Lovebears appeared only in ROBLOX SCAMS ARE GETTING WORSE.. briefly, when Albert clicked on her profile on a now-deleted Adopt Me! scam game, Albert expressed that he felt bad for her and her friends, whom she will never be able to speak to again.


On an unknown date, Lovebearscute was terminated for an unknown reason. however, it is likely that the account was banned for scamming.