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xulloa is a noob that gets accidentally killed by Albert in Being really mean to Roblox noobs

Wounded xulloa and Dead mari

Xulloa and mari23thatboy

Xulloa's last words


Near the end of the video xulloa tries to fight ILOVEARMY2222(Albert) but fails and gets shot when his friend mari23thatboy tries to help he gets shot too and presumably dies ILOVEARMY2222 picks up xulloa and hides in his home where he tries to cook and eat xulloa. xulloa tries to escape several times failing all the time when ILOVEARMY2222 goes to check the door to see a person he previously killed and tries to kill ILOVEARMY2222 but ILOVEARMY locks the door and places xulloa down where he tells xulloa to stop escaping ILOVEARMY accidentally stomps on xulloa saying he didn't mean to xulloa tells ILOVEARMY "Ok" before he dies.


"Plz Stop"

"Is cuse my mom kill me"



  • He has very poor grammar.
  • Everything he says starts with a capital letter so he might be a mobile user.