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xXAngel_KorXx (most notably Ash) is a roleplayer that made many appearances in "Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again 😔".


Ash made many appearances in the video above. She was first seen in the water with some of her friends, looking confused at Geana (Attractive). She says that her mother was a witch, which Albert said that "we lit her on fire and she died". A while after, Albert turned her face into an ugly face. Later she was seen wandering around after Albert destroyed her friends house. After that, she was seen at spawn when people were arguing. After that she was seen with NATE😁(now her boyfriend) in the background while Albert was bullying the wedge head. Her last appearance was in the big crowd when Albert turned everyone into Mario Time. She was a part of the Wedge Head Incident.


She is a badass.


  • She knows a couple of spells.
  • She was a part of Pika's group. Including Kelly and Gigi.
  • She is with NATE😁now.