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wwetyIer23 (with an an uppercase i instead of a an lowercase l), is an account Albert used in the video I changed my Roblox NAME to THEIRS and COPIED THEIR OUTFIT..., where he changes his username multiple times in a Roblox game as other players but found loopholes to make himself steal their identity.


In early 2010, LordMe20 was made presumably by Albert, who then abandoned the account shortly after.

However, in late 2019, Albert gave LordMe20 10,000 robux so he could have LordMe20 change his name of loopholes from ls so he could impersonate them. Albert encounters a player named souleater556, who was a member of a Roblox military-like group. Albert attempts to change LordMe20's name to souleater's name but discovers that souleater's name but with a capital i instead of an l was already taken, making the name change impossible. While Albert was being annoying as LordMe20 he notices how souleater was having a conversation with another player named mineofice123 about the latter joining his group. Albert is able to impersonate mineofice by changing the i to an l and returns to souleater and acts childish around him, breaking the deal the real mineofice had. Albert feels bad and attempts to contact the real mineofice through one of his (minofice's) friends to explain to him what is going on. However, mineoficegoes offline, making Albert unable to explain to him what happened.

Later, Albert returns to the same game he was at and finds a player named wwetyler23 and he decides to impersonate him. He is able to do so with the same tactic as before and wwetyIer (Albert) accuses the real wwetyler of impersonating him, one player goes on Albert's side, going as far as to giving him advice on how to avoid the copycat wwetyler (who was in reality the real wwetyler). Albert ends up having one of his friends, who is the leader of one of the groups the real wwetyler was in (Roblox Myths) to give the real wwetyler 1,000 robux so he could change his name. Wwetyler leaves the game to check and rejoins to tell Albert he did get 1,000 robux. Albert abandoned the account shortly after.