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YahnirMax is a major character in ROBLOX MINESHAFT...


She is seen with Albert and his group where they get their tickets for the tour and meet their guide, Frank and enter the elevator. Albert threatens to kill one of the players Michaelafirefighter a monster almost kills them all but Frank goes up on the elevator and just says that it only gives him the chills. During their tour they all grab pickaxes and start mining diamonds. Frank goes to turn on the power in the generator but the doors shut behind Frank giving the monster a perfect time to strike. Albert tries to mine the door down but Frank gets ripped to shreds and dies. The monster then breaks down the door and goes on a rampage but wweemeowser survives.

Wweemeowser, YahnirMax, Bendy131513, brownboyyy2011 and smalllittleboy22222 find a parkour path with only YahnirMax, wweemeowser and smalllittleboy22222 being the only ones coming out alive. YahnirMax then finds a flashlight making him smalllittleboy22222 and wweemeowser's light source they search through the maze with wweemeowser following him half of the time due to him having a flashlight. They manage to get the generator working again smalllittleboy22222 mine out some rocks leading to a broken bridge where YahnirMax falls to his death but smalllittleboy22222 and wweemeowser survive and make it back to the main lobby and the secondary elevator starts working. But smalllittleboy22222 has depth poisoning and starts to pass out and wweemeowser has to help him with medicine (how original...).

Wweemeowser saves smalllittleboy22222 and they continue their journey. While they go down in the elevator smalllittleboy22222 says that he wants to kill wweemeowser who responds by saying "wow after i saved you XD" smalllittleboy22222 finds a crowbar and breaks down a door where they enter the lowest level of the mines and the lowest level of smalllittleboy22222's mood. They then find a strange ominous glowing red thing but then Frank's ghost appears telling the truth about the mine where the monster bounded Frank and all the other miner's souls to the red thingy and Frank asks the to destroy it. Smalllittleboy22222 destroys the artifact freeing Frank and the other miners but it also frees the monster who kills both smalllittleboy22222 and wweemeowser.