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Wormface is a Roblox Simulator game inspired by (Web game), and was created by group call SleathWhale. Wormface was played by Albert for a video call ROBLOX WORMFACE... The game had rise in popularity after the video was made ,but game lost most of it popularity after the year 2020.


Slither your way to victory! Be the biggest and baddest of them all!


Update Log:

v7: Super Rebirth now gives a Rebirth Multiplier!

v6: Super Rebirth is here! Increase your Gem Multiplier!

v5: Made some fixes to the lag issues in PVP. Hopefully it works a little bit better now! Let us know, we are still working on it.

v4: Choose your skin! 100+ skins!

v3: Rebirth is here! Increase you food multiplier! This game is still under construction.

Please join our group to stay tuned 🙂



Length indicate how long your snake are. You can grow your length by eating foods to get points but you will lose 25% of your length if you died in PVP island.


Foods are necessary for your snake to grow longer. Each type of food give you different amount of point.

Name Amount of Point Earn.
Apple 1
Banana 2
Grape 3
Pineapple 4
Donut 5
Burger 6
Cake 7


Rebirth are a stat that multiply amount of food earn when eaten depending on how many stat points you have. You can earn a stat point by sacrificing certain amount of length. The requirement for Rebirth get higher every time you get stat point.


Basically you can buy skins(Rarity including: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Transcendent, and Divine.)from shop by using Gems as currency.


Basically 3 islands that are connected to each other.

Main Island[]

Main Island is where players spawn. Foods spawn in this island and is basically decorated as flat plain.

PVP Island[]

PVP Island require certain amount of ping to enter Island. You can fight other people for there length in this island. This island does not spawn Foods and is basically decorated as a desert.

Auto Eater Island[]

Auto Eater Island is the only island where you can earn foods automatically depending on Rebirth Points(1 x R). Island is decorated with large size Candy including Spiral Lollipops and Candy Canes.


  • On January 6, 2021, the game was deleted for an unknown reason. A few days later, the game was brought back.