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Wooftydog is a Roblox user who had experienced the Roblox Island Life Backrooms created by Albert, with two other people.


Wooftydog, first appearing in I used Roblox ADMIN to trap people in an ENDLESS LOOP..., had tried to get into the red house with Black_KittyCZ, Loccolife37 ScaryGonzaloGamer, which Albert (TestAccount00003211) unlocked the doors to let them in. When he entered, Wooftydog said, "wat" as he wandered around the seemingly uncanny home. He then figures out that he is in a loop and tries to run out of the Backrooms, and later tried to reset but ended up back where he started. He then said, "i gonna die here" and tried to find a way out of there with Black_KittyCZ, as ScaryGonzaloGamer left the game. They fell in love during this, but encounter the shadow demon when they went back. Before he died, he tried to give his love to the demon, which Albert then said, "all that's left was his love". After that, he never appeared in the video again.

Wooftydog appeared again in the video, I made a FAKE Roblox PIGGY game..., which he appeared after Albert tried to ban bkcapo from all servers. He stood right in front of Albert (GreatfulTomas6283), which he said, "i command you to stop", and Albert didn't believe that. He then thought he was saying that they were breaking the rules for not listening to him. Wooftydog then said, "sop piggy!" and "we are in traitor mode", which Albert then followed through with when reyes275689 said the game was fake. Later on, he runs from the fake Piggy, complaining about his hate for pigs.



  • Albert was unaware of his second appearance in his game, though he had seen him before in the Backrooms video.
  • He has his own group, called Wooftydog's Group!, although it only has three members.
  • From how he acted in the second video, it's most likely he had seen Flamingo's video and thought it was the same.