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WonderfulPromyc760 was a minor character in BEING A BABY IN ROBLOX GOES WRONG. He was the adoptive father of hypothyroidismbadgrl after she had escaped from her mother, carlita2013. He was first seen when hypothyroidismbadgrl accidentally throws him, almost killing him, due to strollers in Adopt and raise being broken at the time. After adopting her, WonderfulPromyc decides to take his daughter to the park, considering they were few inches away from it. Hypothyroidismbadgrl then got on a swing that begun to swing too fast. WonderfulPromyc was more impressed by the speed rather than concerned about his daughter's safety. That results in her flinging away from the swing and almost dying. WonderfulPromyc didn't seem to care and moved on with his life. Hypothyroidismbadgrl leaves him behind to find a new family.


WonderfulPromyc is shown to be laidback but also iresponssible.

List of appearances[]


"Do u want to go to the park?"

"Wow you are fast"