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i just ate a sucker
  —Wolf Lover2937  

Wolf Lover2937 was a player seen in Using Roblox admin to CONTROL THEIR NPC, who started off just telling people the deatils of the candy they just ate while playing Roblox Inside of Roblox, she was one of the victims to have witnessed the NPC come out of the screen. Her account is currently unknown as the account with the username has a different avatar.


In the game, she is seen just talking about the piece of candy she just ate before the NPC in the monitor jumpscared her. She was in pure shock (first time speaking in caps) and pure confusion due to the NPC knowning what Wolf was doing and talking about even when the monitor was off. Got very scared when the NPC came out of the screen and killed everyone, beforer he went back in and Wolf left the game after.


Wolf NPC/Albert (if he responded)
i just ate a sucker
well it was made with no stick
*turns on monitor* *jumpscare*
oh my GOD! No more Candy...
Aren't you gonna talk to me, Wolf?
WHAT You think it's funny to control me? How about i enter the real world?
Go away! *jumpscare and monitor is now gone*
oh my god I got the goosebumps *gets out of monitor* Hello, wolf
what You think it's funny?
ahh *killing*
*Wolf left*