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"A winning smile captivates any audience."
-The description of the face-

The Winning Smile is a free face that turned into a meme as an infection on the Flamingo Channel, making it one of the most popular memes in the Roblox Community, and channel.


The Winning Smile is a face that released on January 16, 2017. Initially, it could be purchased for 75 robux, but became a free item on December 6, 2019. This face became popular, due to its creepy smile, and eyes. This face is worn commonly by no robux users. It also got noticed even more, due to it becoming free.


  • There is a game called Infectious Smile, and it involves the winning smile.
  • This is the 2nd most popular free face. First being Chill.
  • This face appears a lot in Alberts videos.
  • This is the third face to become a meme on Alberts channel in 2020. The first being Chill, and the second Check It.
  • There is another face which has the same name. However, it could only be obtained from a Roblox Toy code.