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Wicked_defined was a Roblox player who was the sister of RyeRye_Toast30 and who had partly participated in the Survivor video with Albert and Kaden.


At the start of the video, WICKED was begging to be voted as she said she was nice, while her sister hoped that they will both be on the same team. Ultimately, they both ended up on Team Fumi, with the LGBT family, composed of the two sisters, ReignbowDJ (gay), GiveJisooChicken (your mum), and madCoolguy456 (Jeff), who were okay with it; she ended up voting for gay. During the first challenge, she and her team worked well and were able to succeed against Team Terra, which was of BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox, as well as Chip, THe chiLL ooF, and whitekev. Although they won, during the voting process of the other team, (after Albert complimented Kirsten's look) she left the game.


Her current appearance.


  • Only appearing in this certain video, Wicked_defined has blue hair, a mask, the Err face, and designer clothing.
  • Today, she wears three hairs, Sweet baby hair, Mullet Undercut, and Black Anime Delinquent Hair, along with White Cross Hairpins, an Eyepatch, and the Err... face. She also wears the skull graphic long sleeve and spider web w black socks emo grunge pants. With it, the Korblox Deathspeaker Right Leg is also used, showing the miniscule peg of a leg.


  • She is the current owner of a clothing group known as W!CKED, which is where she got the shirt from.
  • Despite being called BROSKI's sister, according to her current friends list, her name (RyeRye_Toast30) isn't included there, which could mean that the sister relation was either merely roleplay in the Survivor video, or they were now no longer friends on Roblox from some issue that happened between the both of them. (sisters or not)
  • Her current name is about the same as her other friend (losinggore), whose display name is called always, linking with her display name, forever. Her current name is Iosinggore, which has some comparison to the similarity to BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox, the ls and Is.
  • Her original profile status (before Roblox removed it), was "yes anyway Clairo is in my basement".