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Werdruy first appeared on "Roblox noob thought this was a real girl..." He spammed nonsensical sentences in chat.


Werdruy (/wɛr.drɔɪ/) was a Robloxian that kept pressing the three words on his phone; he made sentences like "Thanks bye bye mama mama bye mama baby."

Albert noticed Werdruy's weird sentences filling the chat. He made them into a musical tune, having a disco-like background and music.


After 😁 leaving, Albert realizes that this man keeps saying weird random stuff (you can see the other messages above). He read his chat messages like a robot.

Seeing him holding his computer, Lemonhero picked him up. He asks him to stop, and Albert kills him. Albert later went on to read Werdruy's messages.

His last chat message was "Error bot," and he left the server.


Werdruy's appearance in-game consists of wearing a tricolor (from left to right) shirt that is green, white, and red. The national coat of arms, depicting an eagle grasping a serpent, among other details, is in the middle of the white band. The t-shirt is paired with two-colored white and red pants with hiking shoes. He is holding a flag pole of Mexico with his left arm, with dual black-sheathed swords. He also wears gray sport sunglasses. His hair is dirty brown colored styled hair.


  • His display name is now IO_0I
  • His description reads "mama koko i have mama as bot baby cool mama koko bye mama".
  • He is possibly Mexican, due to his former avatar design.