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The Wedge Head Incident reffers to the time when Albert interrupted one group's roleplay and upon further actions resulted in a disaster in Life in Paradise during the video "Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again".


The incident itself began right after Albert met Noah and Lex. Albert went into the water and the people there were talking about spells. When Ash was trying out hers, Albert made it look like they are actually happening. Later the group went into a house and Albert made it collapse. He then made some other people look ugly. After that, Albert met the group again arguing with Neanabod. She was a gold digger and her boyfriend (jordan) didn't know. She then called Albert mr. Clean. Albert then started to ruin her avatar. Which resulted in her becoming a wedge head. Thus the incident name. After that, Albert commenced Mario Time.

People Affected[]