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In this video, Albert and Kaden played Survivor as creepy cult members to scare the competitors into voting each other off.


Having created both their new accounts, BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox, Albert and Kaden play Survivor. At the start of the game, both brothers try and get on the same team, as neither were able to become team leader (those being given to gay (ReignbowDJ) and whitekev. Both BrotherZlox (Kaden) and BrotherZIox (Albert) are on Team Terra, with their leader, Chip (SoccerStar794047), THe chiLL ooF (n00bz_roblox), and villaltar986. The opposing team, Team Fumi, who refer themselves as LGBT, since their leader is "gay", is made up of him, BROSKI (Rye_RyeToast30), Jeff (madCOOLguy456), your mum (GiveJisooChicken), WICKED (Wicked_defined), and minecraft (minecraftaka123). Before the first challange, Albert and Kaden agree to be both nice and mean towards Chip, with Albert saying bad things and Kaden saying good things to him, but switch it up during the first challenge to confuse Chip. They soon befriend Chip and make him part of their brotherhood. The first challenge is to get a bag from the sand piles and put it in front of the team. Team Fumi wins the challenge, with villaltar986, whitekev, minecraft, and WICKED quickly leaving the game during the challenge or after. After they lost, Albert and Kaden decide to vote THe chiLL ooF for elimination, while he believes Chip will be voted off. During the vote, Kirsten enters Albert's room, which he says that she looks good. Kaden thinks Albert is complimenting him, which Albert reluctantly agrees on. THe chiLL ooF was then voted off by 3 votes, while BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox chant DIE! repeatedly. After the first challenge, the teams were disbanded into one, with the next challenge being to click the right shape quickly. BrotherZIox ended up winning the challenge. During the voting, Albert and Kaden decide to spare BROSKI as well, as Albert said he wants that competition. They decide to vote on Jeff, saying they would kill off their own kind, but the votes between Jeff and Chip ended up tying. Possibly out of fear, Chip leaves the game, which they both notice. With him gone, everyone else has to vote for Jeff to be eliminated. After the elimination, THe chiLL ooF returned from Redemption. The third challenge, Top of the Mount, has the competitors fight to stay at the top of the pyramid. Being unable to use any kind of trick to stay up, both BrotherZloxes lose the challenge, but BROSKI did win it. The brothers then convince BROSKI to join their brotherhood and spare their lives, causing the rest of them to disband her from the "family." She chooses to have the brothers vote out her "mean mom." Although the other three coordinate their votes against BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox, the cult trio are able to vote out your mum. In the next challenge, the competitors have to count the number of blocks in each pen and put those numbers in their booths. BrotherZIox doesn't know how the challenge works at first, and in the end, gay won the challenge. The brothers chose to vote out THe chiLL ooF, while BrotherZlox tells BROSKI that they will take the fall for her to keep her loyal to the brotherhood. At the end of the vote, THe chiLL ooF was voted out. In the fifth challenge, the competitors have to scavenge for items and place them as the display shows. BrotherZIox was able to find all items the fastest and won, putting fear in gay. Albert tells him to vote for BROSKI, even though they will vote for him for elimination. However, during the vote, BROSKI was voted again, confusing Albert and Kaden. Both think one of the two had accidentally voted for her, while Albert asked if the jury could vote. After the tiebreaking challenge, BROSKI won, eliminating gay from the game. At around this point before, Jeff left the game. With no more challenges, the jury had to vote between the three to see who won, in which BrotherZlox won the winning vote, making him the winner of Survivor. The brother congratulated BROSKI, saying that she is a true member of their brotherhood. The video ends there.