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"I drew tite gyatt and dede" ― Warlord2851

Warlord2851 was a minor antagonist in the video titled "Banning TROLLS from ROBLOX with admin".


As Albert walked over to Warlord2851, he checked his inappropriate art, consisting of horribly-drawn art of the rear end of a human and a female's breast. After Albert witnessed this, Warlord2851 came up to him and told him "I drew tite gyatt and dede", which Albert laughed at while reading. Due to how badly drawn Warlord2851's drawing was, Albert didn't care enough to ban him. After their interaction, Warlord2851 was being vote-kicked for "griefing/ruining art" despite him not.


  • Warlord2851's name was supposed to be censored, though you can still see his name when Albert put his cursor on his artwork.