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VuxVux1236 was a Roblox player who played RICH OBBY! by TheObby_Developer, who was Albert.


Starting out, it can be seen that she is very good at obbies, which is shown by Albert's anger when she is progressing through, even with Albert's pulling the floor under her to try and make her fall. She was able to maneuver out of it, unlike the other players playing the RICH OBBY! However, when Albert was able to pull it out from beneath her, he unwillingly caused Patrick to fall down, which he screamed, "NO, PATRICK!!!, I didn't mean to." Right after that, VuxVux, for some reason, proceeded to progress backwards on the obby, going the wrong way, although falling a few times, which he complained that she didn't remember where she was supposed to go. When she finally realized the way to go, she immediately went backwards and around the same level several times, being on their robux grind, never able to complete the game or even the next level. It wasn't seen on whether she was able to complete the obby or not, but she didn't say anything either.


  • From the image on the right, this is what she wore in Albert's video. (inventory is unviewable)
  • Today, she currently wears the brown blazer and black top, vamp emo goth jeans y2k denim ripped dark cyber (pants), the Stare face, and Long Black Anime Hair.


  • She inadvertently caused the death of Patrick, which infuriated Albert.

    vuxvux as she is today

  • VuxVux1236 is now known as javalossss