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Hey guys, it's your girl, Veryplump23.
  —Albert as Veryplump23  

Veryplump23 is an alternate account Albert used while playing Roblox Rap Battles.


Veryplump23 debuted in the video 'This Roblox rap battle really offended me :/', where Albert watches people rap against each other in a Rap Battles game. Here he finds some notable players such as kidscursing and LuisGame799. As Veryplump23, Albert states that if anyone shames his body, he will have the community report them or else he will never upload a video again. Later on in the video, Albert switches to another account with a similar name, soplump232. Neither account has been used since.


Veryplump23 has the blocky torso, right arm and left leg, the woman left arm and right leg, and the roundy head with a chill face. She wears the pink jeans and the grey striped shirt with denim jacket.


  • Veryplump23 highly resembles mrbadban. Whether it was intentional or not is unknown.
  • As of April 2024, the account has 1.3k followers.