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Verygoodfortnitepro2 is an alt account created by Albert and was used to play Breaking Point in the video Everyone hates me on Roblox.


In his debut, verygoodfortnitepro2 was targeted by other people in Breaking Point as he was acting toxic. He would try to get into a fight with a man in order to get his gold chain, however he wasn't picked for the fight. He then switched servers to find someone else with a gold chain. The server he joined was poor, however. He complained about a person killing a guy with a gold chain and was given the nickname of "kitten" to annoy him. Fortnitepro would target people with gold chains and threaten to kill them if they didn't give him their gold chain. He was determined to have one. His attempts of stealing would end up in failure. In his last round of Breaking Point, fortnitepro tries to act innocent but gets killed. Albert blames it on him being ugly.


Verygoodfortnitepro2 is shown to be confident in his skills but also obnoxious and snobby.