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Valindra is the creator of Sister’s Order and Divine Sister, as well as the Divine Sister YouTube channel. He is mentioned in ROBLOX SANATORIUM, a video where Mede appears in. He is friends with Albert on Roblox.


  • Valindra appears to have a demon tail as his YouTube Channel’s profile picture (the one at the top when you view a channel), which contains his avatar has one. However his Roblox avatar does not have it currently, and no one is sure why.
  • He is known to be nicer than Alovia and her groups are more family-friendly than Alovia’s groups.
  • There were rumors that Valindra got password-guessed when Alovia was still unbanned.
  • On August 15th in 2019, Valindra had plastic surgery in real life, which lead her to wear the "Toothace" mask and change the Divine Sister thumbnail to having a bandage on the nose, which could mean that he had a nose job. Not much is known for the mysterious Valindra.


  • It is rumored that his/her real name is Dan
  • It is also rumored that Valindra uses staff like contractors to do jobs for her and forces them
  • She is rumored to be Alovia.
  • He is supposedly Alv, because Alv re-arranged is "Val", but it is actually cantreIate who plays Alv.