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VAMPIRESLAYER1112 was a Roblox player who joined on 1/17/2018, his past is unknown, but 2 years later, on came...the incident.

On 1/28/2020, he made the fatal mistake of joining BOYS AND GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, a game made by Albert. Vampire merely sat in the background until he tried to answer Albert's math question. He responded with the correct answer, but due to a mistake by Albert, it was counted as a wrong answer.

Vampire was asked to follow Albert to the teacher's lounge. He obliged, and followed him. Albert then reveals why Vampire was brought to the lounge, as he injects him with a needle full of Brain Enhancing Juice. In the first few seconds, Vampire was okay, but soon, he began to scream in agony as bubbles began to appear on his skin. Albert ran away, as he knew that if Vampire touched him, he would die too. He told the students to stay back. After a while, he collapsed onto the floor, still screaming. Vampire dies off camera, but I think he must have died because of a character reset.

Vampire explained the error to Albert, and Albert realized his mistake, but he just shrugs it off and bans him from the game indefinately.


VAMPIRESLAYER1112's current appearance is a light-skinned man with blue hair, purple aviators, a red jersey, ripped cyan pants, and skeletal wyrm on his back.

In "I made a disturbing Roblox school game...", the skeletal wyrm is missing.