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Using Roblox ADMIN to terrify people at night... is one of Alberts Roblox admin trolling videos where he dresses up as Creep to scare people at night and also messes with Arceidan (formally jensenAkles1) about his "Sawnick rings" being Ear Rings. This is Currently the most popular video on the Flamingo channel with 42 Million views.


The video starts of with albert sleeping in his bean bag and waking up to Creep taking half of the screen and scaring him, in his intro he talks about going to scare people in their houses with the creepy avatar and the black fog around it, albert then tests disappearing with btools, after all of that he was going to find a nice happy family to do this too but quickly found out that nobody in the server spoke English, so he switched servers. In this server albert witnesses aeenrara (Mr.hooman) confess marrying to aeenrara bayleepack (izzy) while he calls her bbq, albert found this funny and decided to test it on them getting ready, meanwhile Mr.hooman and izzy get into a misunderstanding that izzy thinks Mr.hooman cheating on her with another girl, breaking up and kicking Mr.hooman out of the house. Mr.hooman tells his daughter Ari/Alien/happy that "Your mom is bad" and she is with another girl, meanwhile jada/single/bad asks izzy what did he do and izzy said "Chet", while albert as Creep lurking them in the shadows watching them until he fades. Mr.hooman and Ari/Alien/happy both make an agreement to beat izzy up, Ari shouting "I HATE YOU MOTHER" while the door is shut on their faces. Izzy with jada/single/bad now turned into a baby and is now called rosey takes her to bed saying that she has day care in the morning, albert comes for his opportunity facing rosey with a happy smile, Creep slowly walks to rosey while rosey is cornered and yells for her mommy, albert whispers rosey "You are about to die." and slices her face with a sword and disappearing like nothing happened. Mike with his new family; Emily not single, and baby still stalks her ex wife across the room, while albert says that's normal. Albert puts himself in a posision where only the baby could see and not the parents while the baby and her parents are sleeping Creep stares at the baby, when the mom came to see he yoinked himself across the room so she couldnt see him, and reappears to the same spot he was in, when she was naming her baby emma she noticed Creep and immediately disappeared and jumpscared Emily with that beautiful face.

PLOT 2[]

Starts of with the one the only Arceidan (formally jensenAkles1) talking with thereal_crayb with some kind of caveman conversation which albert pointed out, which jensenAkles1 and thereal_crayb become friends and albert sees if he can try to put them against eachother. jensenAkles1 asks thereal_crayb if he like his Sawnick rings and said yes which made albert look into his account and finds out jensenAkles1 hates people calling his Sawnick rings ear rings which gave albert the idea to message his friend the real_crayb to call his sonic rings ear rings which he says ok. At first hes says his Saw rings are awesome but then he says "they are called ear rings bud", which starts the whole incident. jensenAkles1 denies and says their sawnick rings as usual then alberts mutes a user called cjijm who doesnt speak english talk after him saying "those are ear rings #####" which jensenAkles1 still denying that they are ear rings. Albert decides to make everybody say EAR RINGS to everybody in the server which JensenAkles1 still denies but makes him angry and annoyed yelling that they are sawnick rings, he becomes insane due to everybody saying EAR RINGS and thinks theres a hacker here, albert upgraded the chathax where the text is seen in the actual chat which made it seem like people are actually saying it. JesenAkles1 threatens to report everyone in the server but it keeps going and going which is making him very angry and ignores the haters by pretending his sawnick rings are too big, while saying that he blocked all of the haters the whole server gets nuked by albert and becomes a nuclear wasteland. Albert then concludes the video with asking recommendations for fun admin ideas.


Jensen seems to acknowledge his popularity due to his alt account bio[1]

thereal_crayb seems to have a youtube channel and also acknoledges his fame in his latest video[2]