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"guys I have to go to bed beacase my dad wont let me finish the game"

UnicornloverEllie975 was a character in ROBLOX FIELD TRIP Z. Whenever she is walking slowly or appearing on screen, a theme will play.


She was first introduced when Albert was reading her shirt, that said "DON'T TRIP!". As Albert and the others arrived at their new school, Robloxian High School, UnicornloverEllie975 was just standing there. Albert questioned why she was standing there. Then, UnicornloverEllie975 walks... slowly. She's walking very slow so that she doesn't trip, making extra sure that she does not trip.

UnicornloverEllie975 walks into class and sits beside Albert. She says hello to everyone as Albert asks her "did you make sure not to trip?" She answers: "ya". Later, when their teacher, Mrs. Karen walks out of the classroom, UnicornloverEllie975 says bye to Mrs. Karen. When, Mrs. Karen gets back, she sees that the rooftile has been opened, and asks who did it. UnicornloverEllie975 snitches and says that Saki_Kaminari did it. Saki_Kaminari calls UnicornloverEllie975 a snitcher. A few minutes later, UnicornloverEllie975 says that History is so boring.

Suddenly, lightning thunders and zombies approach the class. UnicornloverEllie975, Saki_Kaminari and Albert run up to the rooftile and close it. UnicornloverEllie975 wondered what on earth was that thing and quickly realises that it was a zombie. They crawl into a vent and end up in the principal's office. The principal walks into their class and gets bitten by a zombie but kills it. Albert and Saki_Kaminari run back into the principal's office, while UnicornloverEllie975 slowly walks there like she always does. The principal looks at his computer and realises that there is a zombie apocalypse. They run into the supply closet. Well, for unicornloverEllie975? Still slowly walking there. Four hours later, she asks: "Where is the principal..." They hear the door banging, as Albert tells the two girls to fight, but unicornloverEllie975 refuses to and stands on top of a shelf.

The principal gets killed by Donut Dave as they flee the school. UnicornloverEllie975 tells everyone to run. They run up to a roof as they face several obstacle courses. UnicornloverEllie975 slowly walks and jumps, still alive. Albert heals her with a first aid kit. They slowly tip toe their way to the Blox'N'Go and grab the supplies. The trio climb up to the roof with Donut Dave and Dumpster Diver Dan as they jump across a building. They jump over a fire, but unicornloverEllie975 falls into it, killing her. They go into the sewers with Dumpster Diver Dan, leaving Donut Dave. UnicornloverEllie975 comes back with one more life left, still walking slowly. Several zombies emerge and try to attack the people at the sewers. UnicornloverEllie975 says that she has to leave the game because her dad won't let her finish the game. Albert tells her that the game is almost done. UnicornloverEllie975 freezes and gets attacked by the zombies. Albert kills the zombies and protects her. But, she left the game. The end of her story.


  • "hi"
  • "ya"
  • "byee"
  • "It was Saki_Kaminari Mrs.!"
  • "ha"
  • "umm"
  • "History is soooooo boring..."
  • "What on earth was that thing?"
  • "It looked like a ZOMBIE!"
  • "me to"
  • "ok"
  • "Where is the principal..."
  • "It's been 4 hours!"
  • "no"
  • "Is.. is he dead?"
  • "Everyone run!! We have to get to the roof before they eat us alive!"
  • "Look there's the Blox'N'Go!"
  • "bye guys"
  • "thx"
  • "I'm still #####" (probably saying "I'm still alive")
  • "guys I have to go to bed beacase my dad wont let me finish the game"


  • She walks very slow.