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UniPink1314 (UniPink for short) was a noob Albert encountered in the "Roblox games that were made for literal babies" video.


UniPink was a noob Albert encountered in the "Ryans toy review 🔥🤩 Ryan world obby" game after the creator of it left the game. Unlike logoarb, she wasn't having trouble getting past the obby because of Albert. Rather, she was bad at timing her jumps. Albert explained that before he started recording, he met a noob who could not jump. Albert also said that UniPink was one step higher than that guy. UniPink would jump on land and then move forward to land on the platform instead of jumping and going forward at the same time. She succeded once on the first platform of the stage. But the Albert shot her with the laser gun. Later Albert gave all his weapons to her and left the game.


It is unknown how she is in person as she never spoke.


  • Just like logoarb, she has robux now and she looks far from a noob. She still is active.