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Undiscover ​​​​​​is an account Albert used in the videos I ruined a REAL free robux game, ROBLOX ADMIN COMMANDS TANK, and Roblox group offered to pay their workers...then banned us.


In mid/late 2020, Albert used the account Undiscover to be a Hotel Security (formerly) and be in the British Army. He was given admin on this account in the British Army game and got a tank. Notable features were that it could blow up multiple parts of the map, damage players, and also control the type of bullets. Undiscover also got admin at a cart ride game that gave out robux through group funds. 

As of the article being made, it is not confirmed is Undiscover is going to be used in any more videos. 


  • Undiscover is friends with ReaperAaron, the user who game him the tank admin commands at the British Army game.
  • He has a game called "Scary game" which seems to have been a discontinued WIP.

List of appearances[]

  • I ruined a REAL free robux game
  • Roblox group offered to pay their workers... then banned us