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Ulifer is a myth that Albert first encountered in ROBLOX... AN INVESTIGATION. He is known for being the 3rd key to Shadelight and one out of three where there codes are unsolved.


According to his story, Ulifer is an asylum-escapist who likes to stalk and eventually kidnap unsuspected people and then kills them. He normally calls people his "kids." In his debut video, after playing Chuck Lloyd's game, Albert then joins Ulifers to see if he can get any information about Shadelight. He then joins the asylum game but is quickly teleported to another game called "happy birthday." After traversing through happy birthday, he finds a teleported that brings him back to the asylum game which tells more about Ulifer and how he was in the asylum. In the asylum game, he was seen with a person who hanging by there leg with a message saying "Not in Cruelty. Not in Wrath The REAPER came today. An ANGEL visited. This gray path. And took the cube away." In Roblox "SHADELIGHT"... Goldity tried to figure out Ulifer's code. Albert and Chuck Lloyd were told to go to FatherGrimm's library to get Ulifer's key which has not yet happened as of August 31, 2020


  • He is a predator.
  • He has a grudge with another myth in Shadelight, Terroah.
  • He is Kazdam
  • Chuck Lloyd doesn't seem to trust Ulifer