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UFO Jr. are a species of enemies that Albert first encounters in Roblox players.. STOP BULLYING ME.


UFO Jr. are a species enemies from the game made by zKevin, Super Cube Cavern as a remake for the old game simply called Cube Cavern. They have the ability to shoot the player(s) and try to kill them. When Albert plays the game in Roblox players.. STOP BULLYING ME, he enters the Rock Fossil Cavern and first encounters a UFO Jr. He then tries to stomp on it, however, it does not work out the way he planned. He then finds a stick and hits the UFO Jr. with it an kills it. He keeps encountering UFO Junior's throughout the video along with other enemies but he eventually kills them.


  • Roblox players.. STOP BULLYING ME


  • They have a 1% chance to drop an UFO, an item you can wear on your character in Super Cube Cavern.
  • They have another species called UFO Sr. which is rare in 3 maps but is common in 1.
  • They appear in only 2 maps as of January 10th, 2019.