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Tsunadu is an account Albert used in the video Roblox bullies fed me to the demons and Playing Roblox without breaking any laws


On August 28, 2020, Albert used the account Tsunadu to play as an SCP Class-D and an O5 Council. He bought the game passes Intern Security Department, O5 Council, Become an SCP, and Admin commands from the game Area-02. It is likely that Tsunadu is going to be used in 1 or 2 more videos before going inactive.

List of Appearances[]


  • Tsunadu is friends with ForbiddenSummer, the creator of the game Area-02 and the group [SCPF]: Special Containment Procedures Facility. 
  • Tsunadu is friends with Clockwork0verseer, who also appears in Playing Roblox without breaking any laws.
  • Tsunadu's inventory is open.