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triangleman23 is an alt user that Flamingo used in his video, ROBLOX NOOB CART RIDERS (admin commands). Here, he mainly pretends to be Sonic.


In the video, he is friends with Kaden, who is JQHNNYTEST. They play cart ride games and buy admin to mess people up. At the start of the video, marti11216 dies, and triangleman23 blames JQHNNYTEST for killing him, as well as addressing that he is Sonic. Though they try and chase after marti, the cart keeps shifting, and Albert gets angry with Kaden, thinking he did that too fast. After a cart glitch, he leaves the game and plays Cart Ride into Spongebob Roller-Coaster, which both see that the game is still faulty and broken. When JQHNNYTEST shows up, his clothes don't appear on Albert's screen, and he thinks that he doesn't have clothes on, making him think they have different definitions. He tries to sit with the cool guy, but nearly falls off. When they both get the cart to work, the rest of the players chase after them, and when the cool guy shows up, he says "Woah, take my seat". He then decides to go to a game where he can use his money against others. When they join a new game, Albert does a little skit where he reveals to Kaden that he is the real Sonic, as there is a Sonic morph in the game. He rides with gameboy8219 and goes really "fast", to the point where they drive off the track and into the pit, but he escapes in time. Albert plays Horror Rollercoaster and buys various weapons to use against the players, the only one actually working is the Laser Gun, as the Taser doesn't work. Joining a new game, Albert buys "Gun to Kill" and tries to kill people, although that doesn't work. When Kaden questions him, he tells him to use his imagination and there, JQHNNYTEST pretends to die by the gun. He later buys the weapon "Knife to Kill" and kills many players, mainly lizunka99 repeatedly, making a joke of lizunka land. He buys his way to the winners zone, but is disappointed in his purchase. triangleman23 buys admin in Toy Story 4 Rollercoaster, but all it does is make him faster and give him a fly tool. The two meet LaJaylene909 who Albert uses as a target with his various guns, mainly Machine Gun. He kills her, but she still sits in the same spot on his screen. However, for Kaden, she is moving, which makes him say that she is the scariest myth alive. They both run, and triangleman23 realizes that when the admin powers he bought made him fast, it made him who he really was. He buys an iPhone to record this, but LaJaylene909 dies in front of him, while she is still alive on Kaden's screen. He tries to kill her invisibly, but it doesn't work. LaJaylene falls and dies on his screen and he says that he is upset.


  • triangleman23 is dressed to look as much as Sonic the Hedgehog as possible, even with the Sonic t-shirt.