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treiangle22 is an account Albert used in the video, I kept changing my Roblox name so they couldn’t ban me after the account 2010penguinboy was banned from Parris Island.


At some point offscreen, Albert made treiangle22 so that he could buy the weapon gamepasses and cause havok only to leave and rejoin the game. Continuing on the legacy of 2010penguinboy.

Albert joins Parris Island as treiangle and sees that none of the Marines were letting anyone in from the outside. Albert decides to test the rocket launcher by shooting it at the two doors, when he does this the rocket goes through the doors and kills four Marine recruits much to Albert's shock and joy. Albert immediatly leaves Parris Island to prevent being banned. Albert rejoins and shoots another rocket into the building and immediatly leaves out of fear. Albert tries to get in the building but shoots rockets at the Marines and the recruits after a Marine tells someone (presumably treiangle22) to change their skin color. Albert leaves the server after shooting three rockets.

Albert decides that he is going to join a game called United States Military Academy and buys the AK-47 and Fidget Spinner gamepasses as treiangle22. Treiangle walks to a line of military recruits and kills six recruits before being killed by the military staff. Treiangle kills five more recruits before dying again and hiding from the military members. Treiangle is able to kill several more military recruits before leaving the game.

Albert goes back to Parris Island to cause some more chaos by shooting several rockets into the building and at other Marine recruits. Afterwards, Albert leaves the game and joins another military-like game where he bought the authorized access gamepass and several weapon gamepasses. When attempting to cross a station with access he is mistakenly shoot by Haley_Alfa, one of the guards. Haley apoligizes to Albert for shooting him and lets him through. Albert gets to a building where he encounters a person named JoelThomas9864 and kills him, laughing psychopathically. Albert eventually finds a group of military recruits and kills some while telling the others that the military is bad before being shot by a military offical.

Treiangle respawns and, since there is no global chat in the server, is able to convince Haley that he reset to get a gamepass and is let back into the military base. Albert kills several military members with a rocket launcher before leaving the game.