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traT uS is the evil version of Su tart. He was created and mutated by CREEPY in order to murder Su tart and Su tart dad.


Roblox sad cheating story (he cried on video)[]

After traT uS fails to kill Su Tart and his dad, CREEPY mutates and transforms him into ZERO, a bug made of eyes.

When Su tart and his dad are relaxing in a hotel, Zero invades and tries to kill them. The two escape, but Zero still transforms Mr handsome into a Cockroach by infecting him with creep bug virus.

Later Zero teleports into Su tart and Su tart's dad car while they are driving, making both jump. Zero charges up and tries to throw a deadly lazer at Su tart, but Su tart uses a mirror and reflects it back to Zero. Zero then becomes traT uS again and faints.

Roblox sad stories but they can't spell anything[]

After Su tart gets bullied a lot, he becomes traT uS and kills his bullies. CREEPY then appears and tells him to never become traT uS again, traT uS agrees and goes back to normal.

Later, Su tart eats too much and chokes to death, becoming traT uS again. CREEPY appears and tries to banish him, but traT uS kills CREEPY and becomes Su tart again.