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Total Roblox Drama is a Roblox game where you can play as characters from the Total Drama Island series.


The game was created by Mojo's Games in 4/12/2020. It was played by Albert and was inspired by a Web show call Total Drama Island. The game made it Debut in ROBLOX TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND.


Play anonymously as a contestant in Roblox Drama as Kyle puts you through the ringer. Compete in variety of challenges, make friends and create alliances to survive and win the grand prize. Do you have what it takes to be the winner of: Total... Roblox... Drama.

[UPDATES] •Rebranded characters •Join your friends! •Comeback Competition

Current modes: Camp & All Star Island Creds: saIubrious & Abisnaily Join our group and disc to become part of the community.


Players can select which contestants from Total Drama Island series they want be by using coins before the round or getting selected a character randomly. Which also from Total Dram Island series. Teams are then automatically selected. After team are selected they will face each other in minigame. If team lose they have to vote off one of there member from there own team to be eliminated. If they don't vote a random member from there team will be eliminated. After the member of losing team get eliminated. Teams will face each other in minigame again and again until there 10 players remaining. Teams then merge. The team members then play in minigames against each other until there one remaining player left.