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Am now- Tobias, and albert


Tobias (or hi bro pro :)))) ) was a Roblox player that first appeared in I pretended to be a Roblox SCAM BOT... and get voted off

and was able to stay in the game along with Kaden an Albert (as getprize).


Tobias was first shot by albert in the first game and later was able to nominate a few people. Somebody said he should choose both getprizes and so he followed and nominated Unicorn, Rebecca, Kaden, And albert. Later on on the next challenge albert and kaden won and evicted marko. And a few more evictions later tobias dies and spams am now and later on albert evicts kaden instead of tobias which made tobias win and albert and kaden said am now a lot and made tobias say "mag" to albert


"am now"







"It ok"


"Am a noob :((((("





"Hi bro pro"


"god jab"




"Am ######"






  • Simillar to Marko, he has gears covering his legs.
  • Kaden believes that Tobias started spamming "am now" because they spammed it.
  • He participated in the 2020 ROBLOX egg hunt.
  • He might have known his fame since he is in the flamingo fan group
  • He did not change his avatar much he only added minor changes.
  • He placed a lot of sad faces but not as much as the am nows
  • He apparentlyprivate messaged Kaden the go to cash(DOT)gg


Tobias's roblox profile