General Information

Tiffany Mayumi is a girl who first appeared in Flamingo's video "ADMIN COMMANDS HAVE RUINED ROBLOX", she got trolled and then she got famous. She lives in Brazil, and speaks Portuguese.


  • She first appeared in ADMIN COMMANDS HAVE RUINED ROBLOX, published by Flamingo, at the end of the video.
  • She's most likely a young girl.
  • She speaks Portuguese (although Flamingo incorrectly says that it's Spanish).
  • Since the video got uploaded, she has become rich by joining fan groups giving her group funds.
  • Albert & her are playfully enemies.
  • Some ROBLOX players have made games in which TIFANY_MAYUMI gets revenge on Flamingo.
  • She has a boyfriend by the username of LUKAS_KENJI (Which is a violation of ROBLOX's rules).
  • The video Albert dedicated to her has 3 parts.
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