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throwmeinatoilet39 is an account that was made by Albert to show scam groups in the video, Roblox SCAM groups with 1 MILLION members....


In the beginning of the video, Albert logs of his main account mrflimflam and makes an account called throwmeinatoilet39 (originally wanting to name it throwmeinatoilet but the name was taken) so he could look at some Roblox scam groups. Albert explains that the easiest way to encounter these scam groups is to use an account that hasn't joined any groups or a new account. Albert shows several Roblox scam groups by using throwmeinatoilet39.

Later, in the video, Albert joins an obby that is about his channel, Flamingo and join the game as throwmeinatoilet39. At one point, Albert walks on a plate as throwmeinatoilet and turns into Cleetus although throwmeinatoilet still has his bacon hair on. Albert tells his viewers not buy anything from obbies like the one he was in and leaves.

While looking at some of these Roblox scam groups, Albert has throwmeinatoilet39 send a join request a one of the scam groups called Public Advertising. Later on, Albert has throwmeinatoilet39 send a friend request to an account called dog123addy because her bio said that she was a good friend.

Albert checks out one last scam group called Baseball Roleplay and looks at the owner who is actually a scammer. Albert then abandoned throwmeinatoilet39 after the video and the account is still inactive.