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Were brother and sis!
  —Both of them.  

Thedevilseye_iz and luis_retamar are supporting antagonists in Roblox went offline and gave us a really creepy message…


In Albert's video, titled Roblox went offline and gave us a really creepy message... they appear. In the video, they start blocking the paths to Albert and Temprist. Then Albert and Temprist block the paths for them, but they outsmarted them, by thedevilseye_iz jumping on top of her brother's head. They keep doing this, then successfully made Temprist fall down 2 times. When the flee the facility round starts, Temprist becomes the beast and teams up with Albert to get rid of them 2. Albert finds them then follows them to hack a computer. Albert tries to mess up the computer, but thedevilseye_iz pushes him off the computer. Then, Albert messes up and lags. Then Albert and Temprist try to catch them 2, but they keep on running away. Albert then finds thedevilseye_iz in a locker, then Temprist freezes her. Then luis_rematar frees her and they both escape. Albert lags even more, but Temprist successfully captured luis_rematar and freezes him. Then, they both leave the game.


Both are toxic and intelligent, consistently causing trouble for Albert and Temprist. They continually outsmart them throughout the video, ultimately leading to their capture. They wear matching clothes to give the appearance of siblings. Notably, thedevilseye_iz (Izzy/Isabel) and luis_retamar (Luis) now wears different attires. Interestingly, luis_rematar's account was created just a few days before Albert's video.


  • Toxic siblings, who want to troll and annoy.
  • A smart duo.
  • Outsmarted Albert and Temprist.
  • Pushed Temprist off the parkour course.
  • Possesses the same accessories.