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Thebestpersons22 was a player that had their (Sally010787's) house destroyed by Construction Worker.


Thebestpersons22 was a mother residing with her daughter, Sally, and SONIC209020. Albert followed Sonic into the room where Thebestpersons22 was present. He questioned her avatar due to incorrect color extensions. After she concurred with Albert, she replied with a confirming "Totally." Albert then investigated the ownership of the house, realizing it wasn't hers, but that was acceptable. He proceeded to demolish the house, prompting Thebestpersons22 to swiftly evacuate herself and her child from the premises. When Albert approached her, she remarked, "It wasnt my house anyway."


When Sonic answered the door, the visitor exclaimed, "HI." Sonic then decided to ascend the stairs where Thebestpersons22 and Sally were located. The focus shifted to Thebestpersons22, and Albert became upset over the incorrect color extension worn by Thebestpersons22. He proceeded to elucidate that he intended to demolish the house to construct a McDonald's. Thebestpersons22, possibly in conversation with her child, agreed, prompting Albert to venture outside and demolish the structure. Thebestpersons22 swiftly retrieved her child and evacuated the crumbling house. Upon Albert's approach, gratitude was expressed. Sally departed as her dwelling collapsed, and Thebestpersons22 remarked, "It wasnt my house anyways." Subsequently, Albert moved on to the next server.


Thebestpersons22 wears a multi-way black crop top with blue, heavily ripped denim that reveals her legs paired with black and white checkered Vans. Her hair is blond, her bangs tucked behind her ear with brown to blond, attachable, but wrong, extensions.