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The Stairwell (also known as SCP-087) is an SCP that is contained in an unknown Site. It is currently classed as Euclid. It is the game where you get sent if the ":kidnap" command is used on you.


The Stairwell is an SCP that is contained in one of there Sites. It is a stairwell with floors that all lead down. It contains the "Child", also known as, Scp-087-1. However, it is not seen in the game. It is also similar to the game that it takes a player when the "Kidnap" admin command, but it's unknown if they are the same thing.


Albert has talked about The Stairwell that dates back to a Facebook post in 2012 showing his fear of the SCP-087 game. He also forced his girlfriend Kirsten to play the game and she got really scared. On the Flamingo channel, there was a command called :kidnap where you would be taking in a clown car to The Stairwell. Albert used it on the GeanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN account. In ROBLOX SCP-087B, he played a Roblox game called "The Haunted Staircase", created by AncientRoboman, where he played an SCP-087 game on Roblox. As he goes down the stairs, he continues to get scared while seeing the mysterious creatures.


  • In the Stairwell, there has been a message written possibly in blood saying hello to Albert or to tell him to come stay in the game.