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The Penguin Torso Change A.K.A. Penguin Torso Shirts Removal was an update that Roblox roled out for the Penguin Body that damaged Cleetus' iconic appearance.


This was an update made by Roblox which made the penguin torso from the penguin body fully textured with penguin fur. This means that shirts were not visible on the torso. Making Cleetus' fat look ruined. Interestingly, the short sleeves on the penguin hands were still customizable. This update was reverted several hours after releasing due to immense hate from the Roblox community because it was pointless and unnecessary.


  • Albert made a memorial game for the penguin torso. Even though the change was reverted hours later.
  • The change was pointless on it's own, however even more pointless was leaving the short sleeves on the hands customizable. It's unknown why the change happened and why the sleeves remained the same.


Albert's video on the topic.