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The Night Coalition is a Roblox myth group created by Horrid_Night.


The Night Coalition is a group founded by the Nights. They are enemies of The Days Union along with all their days. They also consider Albert, which is a "Test Subject" in The Days Union, a sacrifice.

According to Practical_Day, the dark creatures and diseases that habit in the days city and in the days basement were created by the Nights.

Their members are also on The Days Union group on the "Conscript" rank.

Notable Members[]

  • Joyous_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Turbulent_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Otherworldly_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Frivolous_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Powerless_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Illusionary_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Forseeable_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Pleasant_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Dauntless_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Emotionful_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Merciless_Night (Night Operatives)
  • Horrid_Night (Night Leader)