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The Mimic is a Roblox horror game developed by MUCDICH. It is centered around urban legends from Japan and there is currently two books, "Control" and "Jealousy". Book I is already finished, along with Jealousy Chapter 2 that has now been released.


The Mimic[]

In The Mimic, you play as the main character of the book. In Book I, "Control" you play as a 20-year-old male named Yasu Masashige. Each chapter involves dealing with monsters which is Yasu's relatives. The main antagonist of Control's book is Kintoru.

In The Witch Trials, you play as Yasu's cousin, Juno Masashige. The Witch Trials is a prequel to Book I.

In Book II, "Jealousy" you play as a boy named Isamu, who is trying to find out what happened to his deceased brother Senzai.

There is also two Halloween Trials, which is Halloween Trials 2021, and Nightmare Circus, which is the Halloween Trials of 2022. There is also a Christmas Trials but is only available to obtain the badge and lanterns at that time. There is also a secret trials names Jigoku, which has been updated as of January 16, 2023, of Hiachi's Request which was re-added for a limited time for the game's second anniversary. However, these trials are not canon and do not apply to the game's lore.

The only canon "trials" is The Witch Trials.


Yōkai is a horror game made by MUCDICH that is currently in development. It is based on The Mimic and is a game similar to Piggy and Flee the Facility. In the game, you'll be able to play as The Mimic's characters, such as Control's Book's antagonist, Kintoru. The characters have unique and different skins and attacks.


Control (I)[]

Chapter 1[]

- Hiachi Masashige:

- Shizu Masashige

- Biwaki Masashige

- Kuriko Masashige

Chapter 2[]

- Megumi Masashige

- Kusonoki Masashige

- Hirosa/Shaku Masashige: Hirosa Masashige is the daughter of Kusonoki Masashige. Unlike Tokito, Shaku was a human prior to being cursed by Kintoru. Shaku has an alternate form in Chapter 2, her other form is called Shakabomination. Shakabomination is usually nicknamed "Fat Shaku", "Turkey Shaku", and "Imposterku" by fans.

- Kintoru/Sama

Chapter 3[]

- Kaito Masashige: Kaito Masashige is the father of Mihari Masashige and Biwaki Masashige. Kaito Masashige is the husband of Niko Masashige. Niko Masashige is irrelevant to the lore, as they are divorced.

- Mihari Masashige: Mihari is the eldest daughter of Kaito Masashige and is the the older sister of Biwaki Masashige.

- Omukade

Chapter 4[]

- Keiko Masashige: Keiko Masashige is the mother of Yasu Masashige, the wife of Daku Masashige, and the aunt of Juno Masashige. She has a smallish cameo in Chapter 4. She makes small appearances throughout the chapter. Her husband, Daku, makes a larger appearance in the chapter. She is the monster in the school part of the chapter in Nightmare Mode.

- Tokito: It is a doll controlled by Kintoru. Nothing more, it serves as the monster of the "bloody swamp", the area before Yasu/the player enters the school gym. Before Tokito was added, it was going to be a statue named Naku, which, is just a statue and is in no way related to Shizu Masashige. Naku makes a small cameo in Jigoku as a statue/easter egg, and in the Roblox horror game "JUDY" in Chapter 2 of that game.

- Daku Masashige: Daku Masashige is the father of Yasu Masashige, the husband of Keiko Masashige, and the uncle of Juno Masashige. He is not a Masashige by blood, but by marriage. It is unknown of what his surname used to be before he married Keiko. According to Keiko's notes in the chapter, he has leg problems. The reason why he coughs in game is because he was sick prior to when he was cursed by Kintoru.

- Kusonoki Masashige: Kusonoki is the father of Shaku. He is the one who sealed the four beasts. He makes minor appearances here in there, but his first appearance is in Chapter 2, but his major appearance is in Chapter 4.

- Saigomo: