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this is the flamingo museum we got memes of Albert we got friends of Albert we got drinks we got all your hearts desires JOIN NOW - The game's description


The Flamingo museum is a game showing relics of the flamingo past having characters, Quotes, and memes such as Mousmanjeff, Jimmy Neutron, Luisgamercool23, Felipe, Ackistan, Ugly Scp Tato, Yo tengo, and more. It has appeared in ROBLOX FLIM FLAM'S BASEMENT, It was first very generic before the update.


These npcs include characters such as Luisgamercool23, Dhrybfyty, Mousemanjeff And many more.



  • There are a few badges on the game such as Playing sewer soccer
  • The game got 2.3M+ visits Which are probably mostly from the flamingo fans
  • Like most old games this one has very few players playing now
  • There are multiple secrets that you can find by using keys